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   Here is a good one -- jackmorman 03/25/2017 9:17PM
This has aged well, like an Alt-Right NBOT post. -- H.I. McDunnough 03/25/2017 8:52PM
  This is for real?!..... ** -- Gateway 03/25/2017 9:39PM
  From 2012 in regards to Obama. Different tune now. ** -- H.I. McDunnough 03/25/2017 10:14PM
Extracted from WIKI, a brief history (but a long read) -- buffdad 03/25/2017 10:30AM
So - the real story about the push to kill the ACA. -- cswilliam 03/25/2017 01:42AM
  I think we have verification from the opposition -- buffdad 03/25/2017 10:05AM
  "Centrist" -- Buff Fan for Life 03/25/2017 08:57AM
  I think you can say she ran center left. -- SamSpade 03/25/2017 10:27AM
  I certainly am not kidding -- cswilliam 03/25/2017 10:18AM
  Ha! I'm not an authority on FDR -- Stampy 03/25/2017 9:18PM
  Bernie was never a real threat to win -- Buff Fan for Life 03/25/2017 9:54PM
  It's all about the money ** -- buffdad 03/25/2017 02:10AM
  Well, here's another opening for the Dems.. -- Ralphie Bruber 03/25/2017 12:48AM
  Spotlight on dark money -- buffdad 03/25/2017 02:27AM
   Hmmmmm... Real President. -- Ralphie Bruber 03/24/2017 10:43PM
   This guy looks like my neighbor except my neighbor is cool -- Ralphie Bruber 03/24/2017 10:35PM
Watching O'Donnell tonight... -- Gateway 03/24/2017 10:28PM
  We all have said many times ACA needs "tweaking"... -- Gateway 03/24/2017 11:13PM
  What would you fix in the ACA? -- cswilliam 03/24/2017 11:05PM
  Have, as a good portion of the plan -- buffdad 03/25/2017 03:14AM
  Re-establish and fund the risk corridors. -- BUFFRAY 03/25/2017 12:46AM
   An science be trusted? -- buffdad 03/24/2017 7:13PM
  Sounds trite and way too simplistic -- Wisent 03/24/2017 6:36PM
  I believe Clapper knew most of what we see now -- buffdad 03/24/2017 5:46PM
  Yes. Interesting, but.... -- buffdad 03/24/2017 5:41PM
  Re: Yes. Interesting, but.... -- SamSpade 03/24/2017 5:53PM
  Of course not -- buffdad 03/24/2017 6:41PM
Sick, sick, sick -- buffdad 03/24/2017 3:54PM
  What role do you think -- Buff Fan for Life 03/24/2017 4:06PM
  What role do you think Russia plays in the Trump Admin? -- Ralphie Bruber 03/24/2017 4:22PM
  McCain and Grahm pushed a bill -- BarkingDogBuff 03/24/2017 10:18PM
  Re: What role do you think -- buffdad 03/24/2017 4:14PM
  Let Obamacare continue as is for now -- BUFFHWY 03/24/2017 5:06PM
  The dems passed it with GOP help -- buffdad 03/24/2017 5:42PM
  Huh? Not one R in the House or Senate.... -- SamSpade 03/24/2017 6:23PM
  True but to Hawg's point -- Wisent 03/24/2017 7:19PM
  I should have known, actually -- buffdad 03/24/2017 7:02PM
  I think you're forgetting something -- Portland 03/24/2017 5:40PM
  Are dems missing a big chance -- Uppstate 03/24/2017 6:21PM
  What if the Dems suggested a Public Option? -- Ralphie Bruber 03/24/2017 10:39PM
  Re: What if the Dems suggested a Public Option? -- Uppstate 03/25/2017 01:37AM
  When the rubber hit the road the R's found out -- Wisent 03/24/2017 6:20PM
  Re: As wise person said, -- Gateway 03/24/2017 4:07PM
  Truman and Ike thought differently -- buffdad 03/24/2017 4:16PM
  Re: Truman and Ike thought differently -- Gateway 03/24/2017 4:20PM
   Gee, I beat the WH announcement, by 5 minutes! -- buffdad 03/24/2017 3:37PM
Right wing and russia -- cu2x 03/24/2017 1:59PM
  Marine Le Pen is a women. -- SamSpade 03/24/2017 4:20PM
  BTW, when is my next update? Soon? ** -- buffdad 03/24/2017 4:24PM
  No, you said quarterly, it was posted March 7th. ** -- SamSpade 03/24/2017 4:25PM
  Thanks! I hope we are still here in June! ** -- buffdad 03/24/2017 4:27PM
  Split personalities? ** -- Ralphie Bruber 03/24/2017 4:23PM
  Delete -- SamSpade 03/24/2017 4:22PM
  So the test is, and the likely answer... -- buffdad 03/24/2017 3:10PM
  Re: So the test is, and the likely answer... -- Aussie Buff 03/24/2017 4:00PM
  Another term? Hahahaha, I'll take that bet derro. ** -- H.I. McDunnough 03/24/2017 5:03PM
  Re: Another term? Hahahaha, I'll take that bet derro. -- Aussie Buff 03/24/2017 5:07PM
  Maybe we'll be at war with Australia by then -- BarkingDogBuff 03/24/2017 6:23PM
  I'm not FRAID of the Russians -- buffdad 03/24/2017 4:18PM
Trump tweets -- hawg1 03/24/2017 09:27AM
  Head on a platter ** -- cswilliam 03/24/2017 09:35AM
   L A Area congressman.... -- buffdad 03/24/2017 08:23AM
History repeating itself? -- buffdad 03/24/2017 08:19AM
  Good read -- jackmorman 03/24/2017 09:56AM
  Re: History repeating itself? -- Aussie Buff 03/24/2017 09:05AM
  He wrote this last december -- buffdad 03/24/2017 3:27PM
  What an unbelievably pathetic response from you -- cswilliam 03/24/2017 09:25AM
  Re: What an unbelievably pathetic response from you -- Aussie Buff 03/24/2017 09:55AM
   Heart attack waiting to happen..... -- MoBuffs 03/23/2017 10:30PM
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